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Long-Term Athlete Development Model


This guide was created as a tool for coaches, clubs, volunteers, officials, professional staff, facility managers, and parents. It is meant to serve as a guide to assist skaters with their skating experiences from beginners to competitors. In part, the guide:

  • Outlines the sport-specific skill expectations athletes at each stage of development
  • Outlines both vertical and lateral progression, with a view of retaining individuals longer in our sport
  • Emphasizes general physical literacy as well as personal development
  • Clarifies the critical role played by Skate Canada coaches at all stages of development
  • Provides an overview of how all stakeholders fit together into a collaborative whole, with a common goal of helping athletes in their pursuit of personal excellence
  • Provides a framework for key decision-marking with respect to competition structure, program design, individual short and long-term training plans, infrastructure, rules and regulations.

Factors in Athlete Development

There are 10 interrelated factors influencing long-term athlete development that are common to all sport organizations:

  1. At least 10 years to reach the top
  2. Physical Literacy
  3. Specialization
  4. Developmental age (growth, development, maturation)
  5. Windows of optimal trainability (5 S’s)
  6. Physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional development
  7. Periodization: planning, training, competition and recovery
  8. Domestic competition review
  9. System alignment and integration
  10. Continuous improvement

For a full copy of this guide please download: Skate-Canada-LTAD-Model-EN.pdf

* Excerpt in part from In Pursuit of Personal Excellence: Skate Canada's Guide to Long-Term Athlete Development


In Pursuit of Excellence: Skate Canada’s Guide to Long-Term Athlete Development is for the benefit of all members and is rooted in the philosophy of “skating for life” and being active for life.